Coffee of the Week, Edition 3

Sci has recently taken to talking about her coffee experiences. She usually buys by the pound, and goes through one pound of coffee solid before she blogs about it. This allows me to get the initial surprise of the new coffee flavor, but also to feel how the coffee feels on a daily basis, what you get to know about it. In my mind, the best coffees are the ones you expect in the morning, the ones you wake up and go “mmm, I really want that nutty flavor of that nice savory blend…”.

For today’s coffee, we are going to one of Sci’s favorite brands, Counter Culture out of Durham. I got my first exposure to them at SciOnline 2009, when we did a tasting, and I’ve been an addict ever since.

I don’t know why, but I’ll say that Counter Culture brand tends to leave me a lot more “wired” than other coffees. I’m not sure if the caffeine content is higher, or if there’s something else, but one cup of Counter Culture is enough to get me up and going, and two or more leave me UNCOMFORTABLY ENERGETIC.

But today’s blend is delicious despite the energy. I picked up their Mocha Java. It’s a lovely blend, and astonishingly fruity. I really notice the taste of raisins in it, as well as a nice fresh aftertaste. It’s a coffee I generally prefer to drink in the later morning or afternoon rather than the earlier morning, so I can focus more on the taste rather than the “need to get to work…grump grump I hate mornings…”. I would definitely drink this again (well, duh, I have and probably will!)

Sci takes any coffee recommendations and would love to hear insights on various brands and flavors!

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  1. if you’re in the Durham area, Cup of Joe in Chapel Hill (in Timberlyne) roasts their coffees fresh, and labels each bin with the date of roasting.

  2. If you’re ever in Washington DC, there’s Qualia Coffee in Petworth. Tiny little roastery / coffeeshop. Good stuff!

  3. is one of my favorite topics!! For beans to use at home in the french press, I love Gorilla KBQB (Sumatra), which is a nice full-bodied dark roast that’s not too acidic. You can get it at Whole Foods!

    If I’m out and about, though, La Colombe is probably my favorite coffee spot in NYC (and if you’re in Philly, LC is everywhere!). Amazing espresso.

  4. I used to get this dark roast from Tanzania. It was amazing – like drinking beef stew. If you are into dark chewy coffee I would definitely recommend it.

  5. Blue Ribbon Pecan Raisin Coffee Cake…

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  6. Blue Ribbon Pecan Coffee Cake…

    I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  7. Your point about it leaving you more wired than other brands do has peaked my interest. This morning one of our scientists was about to down one of those god-awful Monster drinks (no offense to Monster drinkers), and I said…”Are you seriously going to drink that?”

    he said that while there is 3X the caffeine over his previous morning Diet Coke, he has none of the “crash” effects that Diet Coke brings.

    Anywhose. Intriguing.

  8. There is a coffee stand in my area that makes their own coffee. Oh man I love it.

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