Friday Weird Science: A very special Sheepdog and retrograde ejaculation

So Sci was feeling rather…uninspired for this week’s weird science. Life hasn’t been easy lately and it’s wearing on me. But then I saw a recent post from Isis’ co-blogger (and, to Sci’s mind, possible doppleganger) Set Oculus. Set Oculus, who’s gender is apparently no longer in question (though I don’t know if I believe that, I know plenty of chicks who can pee standing up, as well as a few who can ejaculate), is now on a drug which is going to cause retrograde ejaculation.

Sci was immediately intrigued.

Ejaculation, you say?

I bet I can pubmed that…

And then, when Sci did, she found a paper. When she had read through the phrases “ejaculation with a full bladder”, “palpation of the testes indicated normal size”, and “using an estrous teaser bitch”, she was hooked (that’s “bitch” as in female canine).

Yup. Dogs. Post et al. “Retrograde ejaculation in a Shetland sheepdog” Canadian Veterinary Journal, 1992.

So let’s start with the three stages of ejaculation, and the story of a Sheepdog.

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