Solving the Abortion Issue…. BP style

I was thinking about the difficulties that women have defending their reproductive rights, and the constant intrusion from a predominantly white-male-run government has slowly eroded women’s ability to control what happens to their own bodies. Ok, ok, maybe birth control and abortion are all too radically new for a country that just allowed women to vote a mere 90 years ago, and men just aren’t ready to let women have full control of their uteri (I mean come on, you’ve have had them for millions of years and you just let the damned things wander all over your body at the slightest provocation), but this whole exploding oil rig/Gulf oil spill kerfluffle and the debate over what responsibility British Petroleum has in the cleanup has given me an idea how we can finally end any politicizing of abortion, decisively, once and for all.
Ladies, the time has come to incorporate your uteri.

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Hey President Obama: Want to pay tribute to Sen. Kennedy?

Then quit jerking around with Harry Reid and force him to pass meaningful health care reform with a public option included. The House would back it. Make the Senate get off their asses.
It isn’t rocket surgery.

Animal Rights Extremists kill at least a dozen mink

….by releasing them from a mink farm. This is what happens when you set animals free without regard to the consequences.
Now whether you think raising and killing animals for their fur is immoral or not, it takes a special kind of mind to cogitate that an appropriate solution is to spontaneously decrease the mink population by getting them killed.
Welcome to Mink Psychology 101: Remedial Minktation — mink raised on a farm don’t know anything about how the world works. When you let 6,000 of them out of their cages and 500 of them manage to escape out of the open farm gate, should anybody be shocked that a dozen of them died either because they were hit by cars, or simply from the sheer stress of a Mink Stampede?
By the way, 200 of the escapees still haven’t been caught.
Then again, maybe the animal rights nutters are the ones who don’t know how the world works. Accordingly, I feel compelled to create a new post category in their honor: “Rocket Surgery”
Hat Tip: Foundation for Biomedical Research E-Clips service