Cast of Characters


Scicurious has a PhD in Physiology from a Southern institution. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from another respected Southern institution. She is taking up a post-doc position at a celebrated institution that is very fancy and somewhere else. Her professional interests are in neurophysiology, specifically the interactions of neurotransmitter systems. Having obtained her PhD, she wishes to further her career in science writing, education, and research. She is active in neuroscience outreach, particularly Brain Awareness, a program run through the Society for Neuroscience and the Dana Foundation.

Mr. SiT

Mr. SiT stands for Mr. Scicurious-in-Training.   He is brilliant, and takes good care of Sci.  He likes Bad Company 2 and eagerly awaits the release of the next Starcraft.


SciCat is an adopted ragamuffin breed who is extremely pretty when she’s not glaring at you.  Unfortunately, she’s glaring at you most of the time.  She’s got some issues and is entirely evil, but she loves her Sci.

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