What would you show the world?

Sci saw this on the NY Times the other day. I think it’s utterly fascinating to see the secret selves that people have. That guy? Walking down the street with a suit and a briefcase? Really, he’s a WIZARD! And that psychotherapist? She’s got a chainsaw!

But what I would also think would be really fascinating would be to do a whole bunch of pictures where you ask people to present themselves as they want to be seen. What motivates you? What do you want to give people or do with people every day?

Sci thinks she’d like to wear fishnets, combat boots, a tutu, and a lab coat, and be throwing huge handfuls of glitter and chocolate covered coffee beans in the air! Because I want people who meet me to feel like life is full of glitter and chocolate covered coffee beans. And SCIENCE. A good life, is what I’m saying.

What about you? Sci wants to know her readers. What would you show people? How would you show them?

I want you to hit me…

This might be the best thing that Sci has seen ALL WEEK.

Brilliant. Partially because Sci, like many a good girl geek out there, LOVES some Jane Austen (ok, we all fell in love with Pride and Prejudice, secondarily with Sense and Sensibility because Marianne was SUCH a diva, and the other ones fall behind because DANGIT, Fanny of Mansfield Park really needed a spine, and Emma was…Emma). And secondly, I think it’s brilliant because life back then really WAS so completely tied down and bound up for the women of that class. I bet they could have used a fight club.