Depression and Glia

Sadly, Sci’s home laptop died another little death last night. While Le Petit Mort might indeed feel great to my laptop, the sudden loss of function was pretty rough on Sci. While Mr. S attempts to work his super magic on the issue, Sci’s post for today comes to you via Ruby, Sci’s intrepid little netbook. Everyone wave hello to Ruby, and hope she can keep herself together long enough to get this thing written.

What this also means is that Sci will be unable to provide any interesting pictures until she is capable of getting to her other computer in the AM. She will do her best to paint a picture of this for you in your mind.

First…allow Sci into your mind.


*takes shower*

Ok, let’s just try and paint a picture instead. Banasr and Duman. “Glial loss in the prefrontal cortex is sufficient to induce depressive-like behaviors” Biological Psychiatry, 2008.

Now picture a rat. One very sad, depressed little rat. Now look at it’s brain. What do you think you see?

Do you see glial loss? Well yes, perhaps…you do.

EDIT: Now with PICTURES!!! So you can forget all that stuff up there. Also it’s free on Pubmed so you can find the pics anyway.

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