Aging, Cancer, and p53

Sci has recently did a post on p53. She finds it to be a fascinating little guy, and it might just become her new obsession. It appears to be everywhere, the little protein behind the scenes making things happen.

(Awww, look at it, all hugging the DNA like that. What a cutie!)

And one of the things that it’s involved in is cancer. And Sci will explain part of why that is in a moment. Feng et al. “Declining p53 function in the aging process: a possible mechanism for the increased tumor incidence in older populations” PNAS, 2007.

Before we start, Sci would like to note that PNAS papers are often GREAT for blogging. Good work, interesting ideas, and in nice, digestable chunks of data. No major monoliths. Sci’s not saying one should always use the least publishable unit, but when it comes to blogging, a simple elegant story is often the one Sci will pick.

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