Science Poetry Contest!!!

Jason at The Thoughtful Animal let Sci know about this contest, knowing Sci’s love of completely terrible poetry.

And now there’s an opportunity for you to compete for the First Annual Charles Prize in Poetry! This will honor the most outstanding poem in the context of health, science, or medicine.

Poems should be related to experiencing, practicing, or reflecting upon a medical, scientific, or health-related matter.

And even better, if you wanted, you could then submit your poem to OPEN LAB, which publishes up to two poems a year! With poetry as famous as that, you could totally pose around coffee shops with a tight black turtle neck and a set of bongos, jammin’ to your science sounds!

Probably the poems shouldn’t be as silly as the ones Sci usually goes in for, but hey, you never know. They might appreciate the silly side of science. πŸ™‚