Diabetes Insipidus as a Sequel to a Gunshot Wound of the Head

Weird Science AND Classic Science!  The Fridays continue! (unfortunately, I am working without Picasa right now due to the tragic death of my hard drive, so this post will be sadly without pictures.)

Classic Science this definitely is, as well as a truly textbook case.  Even better, it reminds me of Phineas Gage!  What can I say, I’ve got a thing for blows to the head (which might be why I like Mo’s blog so much, it is not only cool enough to hit you like a brick, he’s got articles on trepanation, people driving nails into their skulls, and other awesome stuff).  And it’s great, diabetes (which I would love to study if I could start my life over) AND traumatic brain injury!  *sings* These are a few of my favorite things… Continue reading