Some Fun Tidbits

Unfortunately, it turns out that I filled out all the wrong forms for my grant progress report, which is due by 5pm today.  It’s crunch time.  In the meantime, here are some tidbits:

Did you know that Nature (the journal, not necessarily the concept) has a podcast?  I found it out a couple of days ago, and my walks to work have become much more informative.   It’s got all the latest stuff from Nature News (including that bit about the condoms),  and is pretty well designed for both a science and a lay audience.  I like it, you might, too.

In the realm of things from Nature, also recommend the neuroscience podcast, called Neuropod, which is a similar thing, except covering exclusively Neuroscience.

And finally, did you know they are piles and piles of awesome science blogs over at Nature Network?  One day I hope to join them (Who knows, it may even be soon.)  Along with scienceblogs, I consider them the repository for all things science blogging (though there are some awesome things to be found at wordpress as well). 

Back to the forms.