Basics Set: Female Reproduction, Part 5. Aaaaaand, BABIES

Hello and welcome to this hopefully last installment (before I get to the paper that I want to cover about female reproduction, which may not be able to happen for a bit) on female reproduction!. Previous sets have covered the anatomy, the menstrual cycle, the effects of oral contraceptives, and fertilization and implantation. Now, we get to pregnancy.
And dangit, I used up all my good pics in the last post. Lessee…
pregnancy cartoon.png
(I hear a lot of mothers-to-be feel like this)
So let’s get started!
pregnancy hormones.png
Can’t never get enough of them hormones!!

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Basic Set: Female Reproduction Part 2, get out your iPads

Extra points to you all who will read the menstrual cycle post on your iPad.

Welcome to part two of Female Reproduction, the hormones and menstrual cycle. Part one covered the basic anatomy, and today we’re doing…the menstrual cycle. Here is the picture you’re going to need:
menstrual cycle.jpg
It’s a lot, Sci will admit. But the glorious thing is how is all entertwines and fits together so beautifully! The whole thing just comes together in perfect synchronicity. Brilliant.

The Hormones

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Basics Set: Female Reproduction, Part 1

Sci was handed a paper a few days ago, on the concept of evolutionary psychology (or physiology, possibly) and mate choice due to things like birth control. She thought she’d blog it. And then she realized that, to blog it successfully, she was going to have to do some MAJOR background. And then she had an idea!
sci idea.jpg
(Sci and her idea, except that I’ve never understood why they have these pictures of people on their laptops on the floor. My back would stand exactly five minutes of that sort of thing.)
It’s time for another series, y’all.
And so, without further ado: the female reproduction series.
This series is going to be broken up into a couple of section. Today’s will be the basic anatomy. Then we’ll be covering the female cycle in all its glory and all its hormones, and then on to the basics of fertilization and possibly pregnancy. It’s gonna be a good time. Except for the fact that a lot of the hormones don’t have very good names. But that’s ok.
Let’s do it ladies. (Pics probably NSFW, even though it’s straight up anatomy, some people probably shouldn’t be staring at vaginas during work hours.)

(This woman can DANCE. And you gotta love a woman with some good curves. /Beyonce worship)

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