Friday Weird Science: Let’s go at it like rabbits

It was ALL OVER the internet (check out Observations of the Nerd for some particularly good coverage), of course you know I HAD to blog it, right? Sadly, it got taken over in the first week by the Oxytocin weeks of DOOM (oh, it was doom, there were a lot of late nights that week, Sci can’t give up her day job, you know).
But here I am. And here it is. And for those media outlets that complained that you couldn’t find the paper in the PNAS issue and acted all mysterious, Sci got the paper. Cause Sci’s got CONNECTIONS. Connections which involve emailing the PR people who put out the press release. Simple, yet effective! May I recommend it to you sometime.
Chen et al. “Bioengineered corporeal tissue for structural and functional reconstruction of the penis.” PNAS, 2009.
(By the power of SCIENCE, some day this could be you)
(Also, some of the pics are probably NSFW for those of you who have coworkers sensitive to scientific depictions of the anatomy of the penis. You were warned.)

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Friday Weird Science: Oxytocin in your Cavernosa

This post brought to you by Ben and Jerry’s Dublin Mudslide Ice Cream. Because the Twitter people are like little devils on my shoulder, making me eat the cake…
dublin mudslide.jpg
So Sci was going to do her final oxytocin post on another study in humans for oxytocin levels during male masturbation, but you know, you've seen one, you've seen them all. I know that they were looking at slightly different things, but…well…it all looked the same: oxytocin measured while a guy is in a room with some porn, measure some other stuff as well, look at the correlations. So Sci started digging around for something a little more unusual.
And when Sci saw this one, her little eyes brightened, and she said "oooooh! THAT ONE!"' much to the surprise of the nice evening janitorial lady in the lab. Because if you thought the LAST Friday Weird Science was one that you wouldn’t want to volunteer for…
…how would you like a butterfly needle in your penis? What, that’s not stimulating?! Uckert et al. “Oxytocin plasma levels in the systemic and cavernous blood of healthy males during different penile conditions” World Journal of Urology, 2003.
For those not in the know, a butterfly needle looks like this:
(Insert into penis pointy end first)
Yadda yadda. Photos below NSFW, yadda yadda. It’s Friday Weird Science, not like there’s going to be puppies and kittens here.

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Oxytocin: Let’s hear it for the boys!

Sci will be honest. The migraine continues apace. But the oxytocin, it must be blogged. And the migraine medication, it makes Sci loopy! Given what I’ll be blogging today, that might not be a bad thing…
devil's panties see thru time.png
(From the Devil’s Panties, which is a super-cute webcomic if you’re into geeks like Sci is. I met the artist once and she drew me one of these! Also, Sci would like to note that she does not use paint fumes as migraine medication.)
I’ve already gone through some of the basics of oxytocin, and the famous effects that oxytocin has on females. But what most general biology and physiology courses don’t tell you is the big role that oxytocin plays in MALES. This molecule isn’t just for the ladies.
Let’s hear it for the boys:

(Nothing says manly men like high kicks)

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