Friday Weird Science: Scooping Semen

I owe this entry to Scientific American, where they have a great article up on this very subject. Imitation being the most sincere form of flattery, I’m getting me some of this action! Jesse Bering has an excellent write up over there, far more in depth than mine, but I flatter myself that mine has better pictures.
And it’s a great subject. I mean, we all probably know, deep down (or not so deep down), that penises are some funny looking things. All bulbous at the top and weird. You know it’s true. But what if the penis was shaped all funny…for a reason? Gallup, GG. “The human penis as a semen displacement device.” Evolution and Human Behavior, 2003.
(WARNING: pictures of penises below the fold. Mostly not human, but you’re still warned.)
And the best thing about this paper, it’s another example of those not afraid to develop a coital simulator in the name of SCIENCE!
And this is a great theme for the First of May (NSFW, like everything else in this post…):

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