Friday Weird Science: the ins and outs of erections

Believe it or not, for this Friday’s weird science, I wanted to get AWAY from sex. Do something different. But then the boys at Deep Sea News decided to have their sex week, and then Joanne at Joanne Loves Science decided to interview Mary Roach (without ME!!! What were you thinking, Joanne. Sci is so hurt…but she couldn’t really ask all the good questions because it’s for middle school age…), and well, I have to do SOMETHING sex related, right? Of course right.
And, well, penises are funny looking. There’s that, too. Deng et al. “Real-time three-dimensional ultrasound visualization of erection and artificial coitus” International Journal of Andrology, 2006.
I would have loved to see the advertisements for this study: “Men needed between ages 18-65 for study of erection and coitus. Must have no history of erectile dysfunction. Ability to get it on with a Jell-O mould a plus.”

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