Science? Christianity? Excedrin Written All Over It? A Quasi-Buddhist’s Opinion

Yet again, another Jesus flare-up. Rob Knop posted his personal religious views and the prophetical shit hath hit the fan. I swear the science and spirituality debate is like a bad case of hemorrhoids.
Some of us just never had these problems that result from self-identification. I stress the self part because, as Chris Rowan points out, the whole discussion really is about how individuals reconcile their personal views with physical realities. We only run into problems when we start trying to pigeon-hole everybody else.
Which is why when it comes to my personal beliefs/lack thereof, I do an end run around the entire issue by avoiding labels as much as possible.

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SchadenFriday, Early Edition (Hovind Redux)

Looks like creationist paragon of moral fortitude Kent Hovind might be headed to the slammer.


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Michael Shermer at next Alliance for Science Public Meeting

The Alliance for Science, in an effort to further dialogue between the science, religious,and business communities, is committed to bringing in a diverse network of speakers to its public meetings in the DC Metro area. Last year we had Dr. Peter Folger from the American Geophysical Union, Reverend Henry Green, ScienceBlog’s own Chris Mooney, NCSE’s Eugenie Scott, and AfS co-chair Paul Forbes to name a few. Now we’re looking to a whole new year of fun with evolution education (yes, we’re on an academic calendar…).
Next Thursday, October 12th, is speaker Michael Shermer. He will also have a book signing. Please do visit the Alliance for Science event page and download the flyer. Directions to the event are included there. Feel free to tell a friend!

Suicide Hotlines? Who needs ’em?

The latest soon-to-be casualty to the Bush administration’s attempt to break all useful government programs is 1-800-SUICIDE. Given their track record of scrubbing information oriented to LBGT youth (who happen to be a major at-risk category) from other such sites receiving government money, I think it is clear that we can’t trust the Culture of Life Strife on this one. Imagine that.
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Francis Collins is Confused

I just don’t get it. On one hand, Francis Collins is clearly a bright guy and an established researcher. He headed the Human Genome Project, for cryin’ out loud. He’s an evangelical Christian, which I personally don’t care about one way or the other, as long as his beliefs remain his personal beliefs. An article in the Washington Post, however, has me wondering what he’s thinking.

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SchadenFriday: Ralph Reed

Today’s award goes to Ralph Reed, cherubic ex-leader of the Christian Coalition, who lost his bid to be the Republican nominee for the Lt. Governorship of Georgia this week.

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SchadenFrid…. who the hell is this guy?

Kent, the gift that keeps on giving. Man, is anybody affiliated with Hovind NOT a crook?