Creation Museum and Public Perception: Tepid Waters

The Alliance for Science, a wonderful group of which I am a member, has a link about a survey that examines public perception of the new Creation Museum. Having recently visited the Propoganda Ministry Museum myself, I was very underwhelmed. I will report my experiences there in a future post replete with pictures. I feel bad because I haven’t been keeping up on the evolution/science activism side of my life for a very long time now, aside from this post and pushing the Alliance for Science’s Evolution Essay Contest, I have done very little this year to even address the issue. Might have something to do with my dad dying and whatnot, I’m not sure.
The interesting part of the survey is that “white evangelicals” or “fundamentalists” weren’t particularly approving of the intellectual travesty Museum either. Maybe there is hope for America after all. Or, maybe the “Museum” really is such a shoddy, transparent attempt at evangelizing that nobody is fooled.
Do stop by and check it out.

SchadenFriday, Early Edition (Hovind Redux)

Looks like creationist paragon of moral fortitude Kent Hovind might be headed to the slammer.


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Michael Shermer at next Alliance for Science Public Meeting

The Alliance for Science, in an effort to further dialogue between the science, religious,and business communities, is committed to bringing in a diverse network of speakers to its public meetings in the DC Metro area. Last year we had Dr. Peter Folger from the American Geophysical Union, Reverend Henry Green, ScienceBlog’s own Chris Mooney, NCSE’s Eugenie Scott, and AfS co-chair Paul Forbes to name a few. Now we’re looking to a whole new year of fun with evolution education (yes, we’re on an academic calendar…).
Next Thursday, October 12th, is speaker Michael Shermer. He will also have a book signing. Please do visit the Alliance for Science event page and download the flyer. Directions to the event are included there. Feel free to tell a friend!

Don’t miss the “Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and ID” takedown

The takedown intro has been posted at The Panda’s Thumb. If the server’s down, keep checking in. Over the next week or two, various bloggers will pick apart the different chapters and expose this trash for what it is; a coffee table book for the sycophantic zombies among us. While I predict it will have a very limited audience, that audience consists primarily of so-called “family values” politicians who will buy into this vapid PR campaign.
Yours truly will pick a Chapter apart midway through next week, so check back here around Wednesday. In the meantime, Tara has already trashed one of the worst nonsequiturs I’ve ever seen in my 31 years, and PZ does his usual shellacking of the developmental chapter, which can also be read here. Burt Humberg just put up his takedown of Chapter 1.
Monkeys will bark, much poo will be flung. I swear, this would almost be fun if it weren’t so pathetic.

Francis Collins is Confused

I just don’t get it. On one hand, Francis Collins is clearly a bright guy and an established researcher. He headed the Human Genome Project, for cryin’ out loud. He’s an evangelical Christian, which I personally don’t care about one way or the other, as long as his beliefs remain his personal beliefs. An article in the Washington Post, however, has me wondering what he’s thinking.

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Upcoming Kansas B.O.E. Election

A new website in the fight against the ID movement’s attempted takeover of the Kansas state science standards. Check it out. Nick Matzke has more here.

SchadenFrid…. who the hell is this guy?

Kent, the gift that keeps on giving. Man, is anybody affiliated with Hovind NOT a crook?