What would you show the world?

Sci saw this on the NY Times the other day. I think it’s utterly fascinating to see the secret selves that people have. That guy? Walking down the street with a suit and a briefcase? Really, he’s a WIZARD! And that psychotherapist? She’s got a chainsaw!

But what I would also think would be really fascinating would be to do a whole bunch of pictures where you ask people to present themselves as they want to be seen. What motivates you? What do you want to give people or do with people every day?

Sci thinks she’d like to wear fishnets, combat boots, a tutu, and a lab coat, and be throwing huge handfuls of glitter and chocolate covered coffee beans in the air! Because I want people who meet me to feel like life is full of glitter and chocolate covered coffee beans. And SCIENCE. A good life, is what I’m saying.

What about you? Sci wants to know her readers. What would you show people? How would you show them?

9 Responses

  1. I haven’t figured out who I am yet. But, I have successfully convinced my wife and my two puppies to like whoever it is I am!

  2. Bright red feathers instead of hair, anime eye makeup, and colorful labcoats that are made of more fluid fabrics which move with a graceful rippling effect.

  3. I yam what I yam, as the famous sailor once quipped. With a blue mohawk, a geeky t-shirt of some sort (my latest has Tron Recognizers) and Crocs, I show off my badass self to the world already 🙂

  4. Mhh… Interesting exercise. Its difficult to choose one form since I view myself as a complex composite of interests. I like art and design but I also love science, scepticism and philosophy. So I don’t know how to make a coherent image out of all that without putting to much thought into it.
    Maybe I would wear khaki dressing pants, a white collar shirt with a brown vest, driving goggles, a scarf (just cause I love scarves), black leather-looking gloves (I don’t use leather) and probably a beret of some kind. Since I’m a calm person, I would be sitting in a desk with a giant library extending into the heavens and showing people pictures of the Mars rovers, Cassinni and Hubble and make experiments to show people their biases and errors of perception.

  5. Ah, I forgot to add, I would definitely have wings.

  6. I do different themes on jester attire for costume parties often, so probably a riff on that for clothing – I’m thinking a traditional Arlecchino sort of thing. I mean, I’ve been compared in personality to the old-school jester before: sprightly and sharp-witted. (Hell, I do this even in plainclothes – balancing on curbs and sidewalks, skipping, kicking off rock walls, etc.)

    I’d ditch the hat for spiked hair – blue gel for blue tips. (I need to find that stuff btw; I’ve lost it somewhere in my house…)

    Paint my face rather than the mask, too – I still think of myself as a facepainter, even if not for public purposes anymore.

    I’d have my diabolo dangling from my back, and be juggling textbooks.

  7. I’d wear something steampunk-like, definitely one of those gorgeous dresses with lots of lace and a victorian collar, plus some old clockwork pieces and stuff. This –
    combined with snow white hair with some black polka dots here and there. Plus cables and wires around my arms, some of them glowing in the dark :D. I’d also wear a necklace made of small lightbulbs and bits and pieces from old Atari and ZX Spectrum computers.

    I would visit some random places, ask really strange questions and perform some stupid magic tricks for a pint of beer or a slice of a good berry cheesecake. Or pancakes. I could do some fortune telling as well, with a set of 34 blank cards 🙂

  8. A long-bow with a quiver of words.

  9. I tend to get overly wound up when deciding what to wear to costume parties, and I’d probably have a lot of trouble with doing this too.

    I’d likely dither between presenting myself as I am now (stressed and sleep-deprived, in a stained and shabby labcoat…), as I have been (very skinny, somewhat manic and rather unhealthy punk; purple hair, shredded skintight jeans, Dead Kennedys t-shirt under a single-breasted dinner jacket…) or how I want to be (teaching, writing and researching, but miraculously calm and content at the same time).

    OTOH, if I wasn’t limited by costuming possibilities, and just focused on self-indulgence rather than self-representation: something akin to the appearance of the Silver Surfer. But with wings. And claws.

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