The Geek Hierachy, New and possibly Improved!

Mr. S showed Sci something hilarious today when she got home from work (yes, she works on a Sunday. She’s a post-doc). The something he showed was this:

This is the geek heirarchy (bigger version here), and is a basic flow chart of who is considered to be the most nerdy among the nerds, they geekiest of the geeks, the dorkiest of the dorks.

Actually, they just say geek. It’s often easier than adding in Nerd and Dork because you then have to distinguish between the three definitions (there IS a difference. If you did not immediately KNOW that there was a difference, you are clearly none of the above). But many people perceive geek as being the most “cool” (relatively speaking) of the three terms, and so geek has become kind of a catchall.

So Mr. S and Sci laughed over this flowchart for a while. And then, being the MASSIVE nerds that we are, we started critiquing it. Where were the magic cards? Where was Warhammer? What about STAR WARS?! What about the people who may not buy replicas of famous swords, but DO proudly wear Star Trek corsetry and that necklace Arwen gave to Aragorn in LOTR?! And what about the people who attend anime conventions in costume?! They feel woefully underrepresented here. Furthermore, how do you rank if you, say, have seen all the Star Wars movies, know them by heart, AND are a Heinlein fan, AND refuse to watch anime unless it’s in the original Japanese with subtitles?!

Obviously this flowchart is flawed.

And Mr. S and I think WE CAN DO BETTER. We can do better for ourselfs, and for all our geeks out there.

We need a ranking system.

So here we go.

The idea behind all of this was to really come to a CULMINATION of a person’s geekitude. A way to really comprehend rank within the geek universe (which I have to imagine has some killer world-building, and also you can pick your species by which you will be represented), and determine who you must bow down to, who you must become friends with, and who you need to steal lunch money from.

So here’s how it works. Below is a list with point values for various aspects of geekdom. You get a certain number of points, and from that, you can generate a number which we will call your Geek Score.

Here is how to compute your Geek Score: For each of the categories below (and there are a lot), give yourself the number of points if you qualify. At the end, you will have a culmination of your Geekitude. And then, being the competitive people we are, you can see how you rank!

Here we go:

1) Books

1a) For each of the following that applies to you, give yourself 1 point.

  • You have read the complete works of your favorite author, preferably several times.
  • You embark on long, passionate discourses regarding the themes of your favorite books to anyone who will listen.
  • You are a huge fan of Heinlein/Harry Potter/Tolkein/Austen/Martin/Shakespeare/Twilight/etc.
  • You read a lot of Sci-fi and/or comics.

1b) For each of the following that applies to you, give yourself 5 points.

  • You have read the complete works of all 5 of your favorite authors, preferably several times.
  • You write your own fan fics based on your favorite works.
  • You’re STILL a Robert Jordan fan.  STILL.  And it’s going to better soon.  Just like it used to be.
  • You read a lot of fantasy. You have imagined yourself as a child with a companion animal that could project thoughts into your head or speak a language only you could understand.
  • You read fan fics, feeling a little shameful, but you LOVE IT.
  • You distinguish haughtily between comics and graphic novels.
  • When you walk into the local comic store, the owner knows you by name, and has your pile of books for the week ready for you.
  • Some of your best friends are books.
  • When you attempt to sell, give away, or otherwise reduce your book collection, you try not to cry and tell each of them that they will go to a good home

1c) For each of the following that applies to you, give yourself 10 points.

  • You have read the complete works of your favorite authors, and for those still alive, camp out and/or go to midnight parties for readings and releases of the next book.
  • You buy two copies of each comic book that comes out, so one can stay in mint condition.
  • You write fan fics based on your favorite works in which your favorite characters hook up in a manner entirely not canon and/or you insert yourself into the fan fic in a terrible, horrible, no good Mary-Sue-type manner.
  • You read fan fics containing Mary Sue characters and slash-fic, and YOU LOVE IT.
  • You stopped reading comics for a while, and the local comic book store went out of business.  This was not coincidental.
  • Your only friends are books.
  • You would NEVER NEVER EVER give away, sell, or otherwise reduce your book collection. When the apocalypse comes, it will be you, a few cans of food, and your BOOKS. Maybe without the food.

2) Movies

2a) For each of the following that applies to you, give yourself 1 point.

  • You have seen, of your own free will all of the Star Wars movies, Star Trek movies, Harry Potter movies, Twilight movies, LOTR movies, etc.
  • You eagerly debate the merits of your favorite movie as compared to the book/graphic novel/TV show.
  • You think people are far more attractive when they are members of another species.

2b) For each of the following that applies to you, give yourself 5 points.

  • You have seen any of the movies listed above, of your own free will, WAY more than once.
  • You haunt message boards and sites waiting for your next movie to come out.
  • You frequently reenact your favorite scenes from your favorite movies with your friends.

2c) For each of the following that applies to you, give yourself 10 points.

  • You have created your own fan sequel to your favorite movie and have posted it up on YouTube.
  • You have already made your costume for waiting in line at the premiere of the next movie.
  • In your mind, Han ALWAYS shot first.
  • you own a life-size, cardboard cutout of one of your favorite characters. You may or may not have slept with it in the bed.

3) TV/Anime

3a) For each of the following that applies to you, give yourself 1 point.

  • You’re a Joss Whedon fan
  • You’ll watch anime with voiceovers.
  • You own all of the episodes of your favorite shows.

3b) For each of the following that applies to you, give yourself 5 points.

  • You sing along to Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog.
  • You will ONLY watch anime in the original Japanese with subtitles
  • You use “gorram” in your daily speech. Yeah, I’ll be in my bunk.
  • You have watched ALL of the episodes of your favorite anime. ALL OF THEM. Even including the crappy filler arcs.

3c) For each of the following that applies to you, give yourself 10 points.

  • You are keeping your calendar/Tivo clear for 2011 if the Martin HBO pilot episode airs.
  • You learned Japanese so you wouldn’t need no stinkin’ subtitles.
  • You live your life pretending that you are a CHARACTER from your favorite TV shows. Plus 10 points if that character is not human.
  • You are wearing a Darth Vader helmet right now.
  • You are a leaf on the wind.

4) Conventions, Role Playing, and Reenactments

4a) For each of the following that applies to you, give yourself 1 point.

  • You want to, or have been to a convention/reenactment/LARP once.
  • You own a costume from your favorite time period/universe/game.
  • You dress up for Ren Faires and/or are in the SCA.

4b) For each of the following that applies to you, give yourself 5 points.

  • You would never miss your favorite convention.
  • You LARP more than once a month.
  • You have reenacted your favorite time period, including but not limited to Civil War, Revolutionary War, Napoleonic War, Tudor, Medieval, Roman or Greek.
  • You have spent gratuitous amounts of money on any of the following: a replica sword that won’t sharpen, a replica sword evoking a particular character, that one necklace that Arwen wore, a replica time-turner, or the official Twilight themed Bella and Edward engagement ring (oh, you think I’m kidding about that, don’t you?)
  • You have cosplayed.
  • You can play a medieval instrument and/or have been in a group which plays or sings such music.
  • You speak a non-traditional language such as Elvish or Klingon, and you hang out with people who can understand you.

4c) For each of the following that applies to you, give yourself 10 points.

  • You are first in line to get tickets for your favorite convention.
  • You were forcibly ejected from Blizzcon after your class got nerfed.
  • You’ve won a cosplay.
  • Just one more drink, and you’ll work up the courage to talk to that Warlock in the corner…
  • You swear you know how to use that sword you bought. Your hospital bills tell the truth.
  • You know exactly when lightsabers are supposed to become technologically feasible. Plus 10 if you’ve already pre-ordered.
  • Your best pickup line is “I’ve got a death sentence on 12 systems”.
  • You have written love notes to someone in a non-traditional language.

EXTRA: Plus 50 points if you are in this video:

5) Computers

5a) For each of the following that applies to you, give yourself 1 point.

  • You know what Linux is.
  • You refer to your computer as your rig.
  • 1 point for each alien and/or light on your rig.
  • You know more programming languages than human languages.
  • You have a blog.

5b) For each of the following that applies to you, give yourself 5 points.

  • You run Linux.
  • You have overclocked your computer and you SWEAR you notice the difference.
  • You are reading this blog post inside a virtual machine.
  • You have more than 2 computers per person in your house (and you need EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM).
  • You know more programming languages than human languages, but that’s just as well, you’d rather talk to the computers.
  • You are often known to have technical solutions, even in the absence of technical problems.
  • You understand XKCD every single day.
  • You have more than two blogs.

5c) For each of the following that applies to you, give yourself 10 points.

  • You’ll be a contributor to Linux once that bastard Linus accepts your patch (2.6% faster TCP/IP performance!).
  • You were featured on “” before it shut down.
  • You built a homepage for your dog.

EXTRA: Mr. S only, +10 points for reconfiguring Sci’s web browser and teaching her html during the writing of this post.

6) Games

6a) For each of the following that applies to you, give yourself 1 point.

  • You’ve nearly lost friendships over a Risk game.
  • You know what MMORPG, RPG, LARP, and FPS stand for, and use them in your daily speech.
  • Give yourself one point for every level of your in-game character. For those who have more than one, use the highest ranking character.
  • You reserve a special level in the food pyramid for Mountain Dew, Pocky, and Doritos.
  • Your neighbors wonder why they keep hearing you scream “BOOM! HEADSHOT!”

6b) For each of the following that applies to you, give yourself 5 points.

  • You don’t notice whether your socks match, but ALWAYS spot someone trying to play a Juggernaut for only 3 mana.
  • When Starcraft 2 is released, your significant other will question your existence.
  • You know exactly when the next season of The Guild starts.
  • You drink Bawls.
  • Changing your build order is a major life decision.
  • THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!!!

6c) For each of the following that applies to you, give yourself 10 points.

  • You know the phrase “I’ll twiddle your splitting slug” is not half as dirty as it sounds.
  • Warhammer. Yeah, I said it.
  • You play at least one text-based browser game.
  • Your APM is over 200, and you have fan girls in other nations.
  • During a date, you reach into your pocket for your glasses and accidentally pull out your 20 sided die.
  • Your life is disturbingly like The Guild.

7) Science

7a) For each of the following that applies to you, give yourself 1 point.

  • You read science blogs.
  • You read Hawking/Darwin/Feynman/Gould/etc for pleasure.

7b) For each of the following that applies to you, give yourself 5 points.

  • You write a science blog.
  • You regularly wear science related clothing, accessories, or other items.
  • You know all the elements in the periodic table. In fact, you can sing them.

7c) For each of the following that applies to you, give yourself 10 points.

  • You BLOG about what it’s like to write a science blog (Meta!!!!).
  • You’ve tattooed something scientific on your body.
  • It’s been years, and you STILL wish you’d taken another semester of Diff Eq.

8. Final section

8a) For each of the following that applies to you, give yourself 1 point.

  • You have something here that you KNOW Sci missed and you’re going to tell her about it in the comments.

8b) For each of the following that applies to you, give yourself 5 points.

  • You have carefully noted each of the grammatical and spelling errors Sci has committed in this post, and are going to tell her about it in the comments.
  • You believe this study is hopelessly flawed and are already planning to create your own version.

8c) For each of the following that applies to you, give yourself 10 points.

  • You believe this study is hopelessly flawed, are planning to create your own version, and are going to code it all yourself so it really is THAT MUCH COOLER.


How did you do?

0-50 points: You’re not a geek. Nice try. Now go steal that guy’s lunch money.

50-100 points: You’re sort of a geek. Probably you hide it.

100-200 points: You are a geek! Hold your 20 sided die aloft with PRIDE!

200-400 points: Your skin probably suffers from lack of sunlight and you should probably consider getting some vegetables into your diet.

400-756 points (computed with the possibility of bonus points and on the assumption that the highest ranking single character in an MMORPG at the moment is 80): GEEEEEEEEK!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!*

*Sci and Mr. S would hereby like to state that we LOVE nerds, geeks, and dorks.  We are some of them.  Based on this ranking system, Sci has a score of 207 and Mr. S has a score of 272, and if you have a score of 50 or higher, we’d love to hang out sometime. Higher scores than that, we’d probably be sadly outclassed. 🙂  Sci will gladly debate with you the merits and issues with the plot developments of the Martin novels, and Mr. S will let you play with his level 80 Paladin. And then we’ll all watch the new episode of The Guild that just went up.

**Sci and Mr. S would also like to note that this is by no means a comprehensive list, and is in fact just what they were thinking of at the time before they got bored.

40 Responses

  1. I scored 111.

  2. JGG, the fact that you calculated your score is all we need to know.

  3. …and its actually now 121 for things i suggested to Sci that were not included.

  4. This is clearly a completely bogus study. I won the “Geekiest blogger on ScienceBlogs” hands down – but I’m only scoring in the 150s.

    I mean, come on, where are the questions about slide rules? Drinking Mate from an authentic gourd because nothing else delivers the true caffiene kick? Typing on a non-qwerty keyboard? RPG points for those of us too geeky to play some kiddy game with levels?

    Yeesh. 🙂

    • Plus 9 points, dahling. 🙂

      • 9 points? All that stuff, and all I get is a lousy nine extra points? I think I deserve extra bonus geek credits for bringing up entire *categories* of critical geek knowledge that you forgot!

        Some other missing stuff:
        – How many bookshelves you own?
        – How many piles of books that you can’t fit onto shelves?
        – How many textbooks did you buy *for fun*?
        – Did you pay extra for a region-free DVD player, so you could watch imported anime?

  5. You should add in how many copies of movies you own. For instance:
    1, that you downloaded before it was released
    2, a hard copy bootleg
    3. a different region with alternate bonus material
    4. the blue ray
    5, the ‘normal’ DVD
    6. one w/ subtitles.
    7, one w/ different packaging
    8. the ‘anniversary’ edition
    9. the ‘unrated’ edition
    10. the one you actually watch

  6. 11

    That’s right. I’m not a geek, nor do I pretend to be. Now, I certainly have nerd tendencies, but apparently I’m about as close to an anti-geek as anyone who will read this post.

  7. Wow, I only got 159. Not bad for a household which keeps Erlenmeyer flasks on hand to mix drinks in.

  8. It’s amazing how these things change – had I taken this quiz 8 years ago, I’d probably have been in the… eh, 120-160ish range, if you count RHPS. But, life’s moved out of my “The Guild” stage and into something… different. It’s back on the geek/nerd/dork upswing, though. 😉

  9. The con/rpg/reenact section should be split up, or made way bigger: made out with a geek celeb at a con, compete at ren faire, distance traveled to a con, have worked a con, etc. There are those of us that go to lots of these.

    There should be a section for personal relationship + geek stuff: you named your car/pet/kid after a scifi/fantasy character, you changed your own name to a character, you met your SO via geeky means, you’ve moved to LA or Vancouver so you can stalk filming/geek celebs, you teach your children geeky things or dress them up for cons, how prepared for the zombie/robot apocalypse are you.

    The science section could be more developed or expanded to other studies: hard sciences vs soft sciences, history, math, how many degrees do you have, etc.

    You mention Dr Horrible, XKCD, blogs and The Guild, but you have no section for internet culture: webseries, memes, boards/forums/chats, random obscure hardcore oldskool references/info.

    Geek crafts? Making your own Jayne’s hat, Dr Who Scarf, knitted cthulu, chain mail, etc.

    Score of 151 before I post this comment.

    @Mark Chu-Carroll Be careful to whom you hand your mate gourd. 😉

  10. There’s a whole geek crafter population that’s been left out!! We are the ones who modify and create knitting patterns to be more themed toward movies/books/tvshows. We’ve crocheted an army of cthulu and a billion Jayne hats for charity! All in the spirit of geek love and silliness!
    There are so many types of geeks out there, it would be very difficult to include us all!

  11. 1) You have argued over whether “Star Wars” or “Star Trek” is more scientific
    2) You have determined who your friends are based on such arguments
    3) You have *crossplayed*
    4) EVERY time you see a gazebo, you think “you must face it alone!” EVERY TIME. (8 pts!; bonus points for facing the gazebo while cosplaying at an anime convention)
    5) You have given or received Magic cards as a token of undying love
    6) You have given or received Magic cards in exchange for sex
    7) You have ascended on Nethack, Slash ’em, ect. (bonus points for doing so multiple times or with voluntary challenges; extra bonus points for ascending every class)
    8) You have ever rolled to determine how much slack you get for Nookie

  12. In no particular order:

    * Nethack is for nouveau gamers; Angband – or for real style points, Moria – is where it’s at. [Having said that, good grief: gaming gets no respect here 🙂 – I’ve played single boardgames that took longer than the combined Trek pantheon, and some of the old-school hex gamers consider me to be distinctly softcore]
    ** [[And how many for holding multiple titles, of for having represented one’s country?]]

    ((* And I suppose I get bonus points for having played multiple games with scoring systems _about_ being a geek?))

    * Books: I assume we can score points for each 5 of the authors whose complete ouvres we’ve read? Especially when a teen, I had a lot of spare time in class..

    * How many points do I get for having *attended* a convention dressed as a gazebo?

    * In similar vein to ren faires, SCA stuff could award points for having been to Pennsic, having *won* Pennsic, having been king/lesser ranks, and so on..
    ** And I suspect I’m not the only one who really *does* know how to use that sword

    * OK, ok, I will stop now. I suspect that the act of starting this post made all the points that were likely ;). Well, one more: not only did I have a d20 in my pocket when reading this, because I usually do, I have d20 cufflinks.

    Why is everyone sidling away?

  13. There were tags around the most bragging part of that that had ‘/modest’ and ‘modest’ inside angled brackets, but I guess they were stripped. Sorry.

  14. In the complete works, do Dickens and such count? Even if they are not your favourite author? Or do all authors count for something?

  15. Only 60. I am a meta-geek though, so it’s probably a good sign that I have some distance from you all. Or maybe you are asking the wrong questions…

    2c – “Marvin the paranoid cardboard cutout” is a search term used to my knitting blog. A romantic gift from my ex (who used to work in a bookshop) that annoyed me immensely because it was so big and got left to rot in the garden (Marvin, not my ex). Bonus points?

    Anime – Surely I get extra points for having visited the museum of manga anime in Kyoto? At a conference on children’s literature (top tip: third best cup of coffee I have ever tasted in their coffee shop).

    7c – what about people who are planning reserach proposals to get funding to do work investigating people who write science blogs? What about people who have mentioned the underpants you can buy via BadScience in an encyclopedia entry on popular science media? Huh? What about THEM? Again, I claim bonus points.

  16. My score is, like, 15 or something, and I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t even heard of half the references you name. But I was on the math team in high school!! And I was the only girl! That has to count at least a little, right?

  17. Scored 77 but only because there’s not enough about computers
    nor music:
    There’s Linux but what about Solaris/FreeBSD/NetBSD/
    OpenBsd/Haiku/etc? How points for having an old IBM
    Thinkpad multibooting 4 OSs? Knowing how to boot any one
    of them from the GRUB command line, from memory? Doing
    so daily because I can’t remember which installation has the
    correct menu.lst? What about dreaming entirely in a
    programming language? Finding jokes about programming
    languages funny? What about complaining/arguing about
    the historical accuracy of pagan folk groups? Expecting
    bagpipes to always be accompanied by overdriven electric
    guitars? Wishing I had the money to buy an electric
    Hmm… I should probably stop now.

  18. 155!! What the fuck happened to me! I used to be cool! I blame science and blogging and Bora. Goddamn it.

  19. Wait, so learning Japanese is 10 points, but knowing Klingon is only 5? Or are we talking learning Japanese *just for anime*? (Oh, and no manga love?)

    In any case, about 150. (Twiddling the spitting slug took a second; if you hadn’t mentioned MTG earlier in the post, I’d’ve been lost.) I suppose I should add bonus points to myself for having gone on rants about how the game was “corrupted’ after global enchantments, equipment, [insert about anything that came after the release of 6th ed.] etc. came about.

    And if Mark C’s stuff is counting, then I’m waaaaay past 200. I’m a bit of a bibliophile, especially with textbooks. Used book stores are the reason I’m broke.

  20. You forgot “You’re the one that family, friends, and coworkers always call to settle all arguments regarding science, science fiction, or 70’s & 80’s alternative music.” (This one is particularly impressive in today’s age of Wikipedia and Google.)

  21. “Give yourself one point for every level of your in-game character. For those who have more than one, use the highest ranking character.”

    Not all RPG levels are created equal, you know. By that rule, hardcore Disgaea grinders would surely score over 9000.

    And I don’t want to get started on anime and manga, or Touhou, or Vocaloid, or…… well…… no, I don’t. I really don’t.

  22. 85. My husband’s was 192, so the 200-400 category should be lowered because he definitely needs to get both some sunlight and vegetables. A brisk jog wouldn’t hurt, either.

    He complains there’s no category for SWCCG (Decipher) and not enough D&D questions.

    Our daughter doesn’t have a chance, does she?

  23. 157.

    Unless “not anymore”s count (OMFG, I’m approaching 40, how did that happen) . Tthen it is 236.

  24. Ok, so early in the post you complain that the poster failed to mention the magic cards – then you completely fail to mention the damned things!!!

    Whr s Cthuluh Mths? My eldest cut a couple of teeth on Cthuluh.

    What about being overruled in the naming of your child, because you wanted to name him Liet or Usul or Gurney or Valentine or Lazarus or Joss or Malcolm (both of which she seriously considered) and are still rather bitter that they all were rejected – for both boys!?!?!

    How about having written letters – many letters, trying to save Firefly?

    How about having multiple walls of bookshelves and still having piles? (bonus for very few of them being unread by either you or your partner – most read by both)

    How about being giddy with anticipation for eldest to be ready for the next Harry Potter on the list and giddy all over, because someday youngest will be ready for them too?

    Or being completely ECSTATIC that eldest is old enough for and really loves Sarah Jane Adventures and Roman Mysteries?

    Or having nearly every episode of your favorite shows and noting that more than ninety percent are scifi/fantasy? – Or actually caring?

    Then there is having used scifi geekery as one of the more important criteria, when choosing a roommate. (bonus if it was higher on the list than gainful employment)

    Ooh, what about being wrought with a terrible depression when your favorite magic user died – deep enough that the GM decided it might just be safest to resurrect the bastard?

    Or having spent more than an hour explaining the RPG to a very patient, caring friend, just so you can brag about your favorite magic user?*

    Have fantasized that someone you were having sex with – while having the sex, has pointy ears, an ethereal voice and could take you on a whole fantasy adventure, by looking you in the eye…Bonus if you weren’t on LSD at the time.

    Think Bawls is for wimps – unless maybe if you add an energy shooter.

    Make your own energy drinks, because a) pre-made energy drinks are too expensive, but mostly because b) there is no evidence to support the use of many common ingredients .

    Make your own weight loss, protein drink, because – see last entry.

    Don’t need to read the insert that came with that last script, because you looked up all the options ahead of time and thoroughly familiarized yourself with all of them.

    Spent more than ten minutes on this bloody list and wish you could take more time with it…

    *Yes, yes, there are other sorts of characters, but honestly? Who fucking cares about them?

    • Actually, the “juggernaut for 3 mana” and “twiddle your splitting slug” are both Magic references. 🙂 Probably only for the hardened user.

  25. Oh – and I only scored 133, but that is because the game was totally rigged…If you had done it right, I would have scored much higher.

  26. Dammit –

    You also forgot people who curse in Chinese, use the word “Frakking” or use the word “Frak” as part of a pick-up line…Or “shiny” as a slang term.

  27. Dork and geek are different – geeks are smart, dorks are not. Same character one with brains and one without. Then there’s nerds who are more socially “with it” than geeks. At least that was how we defined them!

  28. @lilypony:

    I don’t think there’s any universal difference between geeks, dorks, and nerds. Where I grew up, we used “geek” to mean the negative, obnoxious types who never showered; nerds to be the brainy ones; and dorks to be the socially awkward ones.

    My wife thought that nerd was the insult, and geek was the brainy type, and dorks were something entirely different.

  29. 26½ points (the half point is for having read all the prose work of my fave author, but not all the poetry)

    And I cannot effing believe I get zero points for having researched ancient cultures for the purpose of painting my toy soldiers right! Warhammer gets ten points and historical miniatures none – this survey is a fraud, a fraud I say!

  30. 202! Mostly because I stopped reading comics and writing fanfics. But I do say frak ALOT.

  31. I scored 64.5
    And I do not hide it.

    I second The Science Pundit–being the family consultant is totally geeky. Especially if you’re a consultant on multiple topics.

    There should be a count for how many programming languages you know. There’s a difference in getting the mark because you know six programming languages, and getting the mark because you only know two programming languages but you only speak one organic language.

    You also missed the part about people who learn new programming languages for the sole purpose of creating add-ons for their favorite game. I mean geez, we were doing it a decade before this “world of war-craft” thing existed.

    You also missed out on the part about using profanity and/or insults from non-standard langauges. Like p’tak, pauk, c’jit, loudte kalei, tarei-hasan, et cetera. Actually, anyone who even recognizes the last four should probably get points.

  32. I gave myself points for the “gorram” category because I tend to use “shiny” instead. I figured it was the same idea. And I also use “frak”.

    Oh, and quote Princess Bride incessantly. As often as possible, during science labs.

    I quoted Monty Python this morning in Physiology: we were discussing how the intestinal villi create a “huge surface area” for absorption. In my notes I wrote, “huge…..tracts of land”.

    And it’s ok Sci, I don’t expect you to think of everything. I gave myself points where I thought it was within the spirit of the list.

  33. I want to print out my score (187) on a card that I can laminate and keep in my wallet with the Star Trek Logo on it. It also needs points for how many websites are you logged into that you have used your RPG charactor as your screen name. For me it’s 7 !

  34. […] hierarchia geek-ov – my vieme, kto sme nezostaňte pri obrázku hore, ale pozrite si aj kvíz nižšie […]

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