Analysis of behavioral economics and motivation, with whiteboard

Sci saw this over at Grrl Scientists’s place yesterday. She’s right, it’s fantastic. I mean, it’s partially great to watch the dude draw (obviously it’s sped up, but the way the synched it is cool), but the conveyance of how motivation works (and more importantly, how much we still don’t understand).

Also, Grrl’s very right that it says a lot about why we BLOG. Sci wants to talk about science autonomously, she wants to obtain mastery over her writing, and she wants to MAKE A CONTRIBUTION.

But it does make me wonder why I spend so much time doing it for free…

4 Responses

  1. I’m going to show this to my Dean. He is mystified about why faculty members do not apply for his summer grants.

  2. Coming from the Neurobiology of Action lab, I just gotta point out… they’re equating motivation with performance. Not exactly a valid assumption.

    But it’s a cool presentation format. Maybe something to try for the next talk.

  3. Sic transit Science blogs (I mean the part about profit becoming unhitched from purpose).

  4. OR, creative, self-directed work is avoidance behavior of difficult cognitive work. : )

    In all serioussness however, for most low paid workers, which makes up a large percentage of the population, the opportunity to earn a larger percentage of the pie is a huge motivator. And this is the question of our age. ( a transendant motivator perhaps?) what can we do to help them get access to a fair share of the fruits of their labor?
    A tax credit for businesses which plow a generous predetermined percentage back to their workers; a profitsharing tax credit. When we solve THAT problem, and overcome the current economic ideological stalemate, then we can free up the creative forces of our entire populations.

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