The mouse your mouse could SMELL like

Sci just realized that that should have been the alternate title of her Friday Weird Science post “if you’re happy and you know it, smell some pee”.  Because, well, it involves sniffing.  And Sci loves anything that involves this guy:

Ah, Old Spice Man, how I do adore thee.  Take me away from all this, and verily I shall titter charmingly at your gentle witticisms whilst I grate fresh Parmesan cheese on your abdominals into a bowl of fresh pasta you just made from scratch in our charming cottage you build by hand in the Tuscan heights.

Though  I guess it would be a better title if male mice tried to emulate the pee of other, more successful male mice!  Hmmm…I bet there’s a paper on that in some species.

One Response

  1. Smell like a mouse, mouse.

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