*tap tap* This thing on?

*dusts vigorously*

Pretty dirty up in here.

Sci is sad today, you guys.  It’s a hard decision and I’m not sure I did the right thing.  It’s really hard to know.  But back to the small time I go (oh look!  Sci RHYMED!).

Sci’s still thinking and feeling sad.  Regular posting will resume tomorrow.  This is just a test of the emergency broadcast system. 🙂

37 Responses

  1. It’s too bad to see SB partnership with PepsiCo. It’s even worse to see bloggers leave SB, as I discovered many of the blogs that I now follow there, but in the end, I’m about the quality of the science and discussion that you and other bloggers in SB have made available and I’m loyal to that! Looking forward to continuing reading your post at your new (old) home!

  2. Hey! I used to love this blog….where’ve you been???

  3. Sad to see all the turmoil, but I think the situation over at Sb had become untenable. Here’s hoping your followers, well, follow.

  4. Am following you over, no worries.

    I’m sorry to see the Seed Sb community break apart, but it seems like that was inevitable.

  5. *looks over new/old digs*

  6. Followed.

  7. I think you made the right move, hard as it may be. I’ll follow you wherever you post because I find you one of the freshest writers of science for the non-professional — and I like the humor too.

  8. Ah, I think SB needs you more than you need them! 🙂

  9. I’m waiting for the first person to declare “Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!”. The network exists for the nodes, not the other way around.

  10. So I read the “I’m afraid I’ve been thinking” and my mind goes straight to ‘a dangerous pastime, I know’ before clicking over. You’re all up in my brains. I think that means I have to follow you ANYWHERE (not in a creepy way though. Well, not too creepy. Wahahahahaha!)

  11. Followed! The SB thing is getting messier, with Orac and Pal raising a lot of hell about it, too. It’ll be interesting to see what happens…

  12. followed! bookmarked! RSSed

  13. Heeeey! 🙂

  14. Hell yeah ill follow you anywhere. I was generally disapointed by most other blogs over there anyway.

  15. I followed you!! I will switch my RSS feed too! I’m sad too, but this just means not only are you super sexy and smart, but you’re ETHICAL too. Yeah, mama!

  16. I admire your principles, superblogger. Hope you’re okay.

  17. Hello!
    I wonder if someone, somewhere thinks about how great would it be to pick up all the fine bloggers that ditched SB and prove that you can turn a profit without shelling out to the corporate overlords…
    I hope that he or she will prove that it is possible.

  18. You did the right thing. I’d like to see the rest of your former Seed colleagues quickly follow suit. Seed chose the low road and I predict that their stable will be repopulated with more worthless corporate blogs as the credible science bloggers there abandon them for credible online homes. Best wishes…

  19. What a shock! I duly put this site at RSS (I think that is how I do it) and found this link

    Good luck.

  20. And this site loads a lot faster and has a version for mobile devices!

  21. Hey.. are you saying the non SB blogs aren’t the big time? You need to tell that to Dooce. 😉

    Have a coke and a smile! 🙂

  22. Hi Sciiiiii! *waving* *throwing confetti*

  23. I’ll miss you, but I am glad you’re here.

  24. Added your new digs to my feed. You haven’t lost us, you know!

  25. Ooooooooooooh. Pretty.

  26. “small time”? Oh I doubt that.

    You have an audience that comes back for what you do. They’ll find you.

  27. have a chocolate? *passes the miniSnickers*

    ok, I’m ready to learn sumthing!

  28. We are still reading, whatever server you are currently residing in.

  29. Make no mistake, Sci: You did the right thing.

  30. Welcome home!

  31. […] he hopes this will stop the hemorrhaging of talent by giving the fence-sitters a way out. This is a big backdown on Bly’s part, make no mistake. […]

  32. I’m pretty bummed that many bloggers have decided to up and leave Sb; it was nice to have so many minds together in one easily accessible place. While I’m scratching my head at a couple of the defectors, I can certainly understand why others would be reasoned in their decision to leave. I’m not sure what I would have done in this situation, but I know for sure that I disapprove of any blog maintained by a corporate interest that controls what posters may or may not say. You can’t serve both corporate interests and report honestly on a range of research at the same time. Greed and corporate interests go hand in hand; scientific research, on the other hand, is carried out by people–some good, some bad. I don’t see how having a blog like Food Frontiers on Sb could have ended well. It just leaves a dirty taste in ones mouth. Blech.

    I’m glad you were able to link us to this blog from the old one. Welcome to your new spot in my bookmark toolbar’s RSS folder. 🙂

  33. You were always one of the best reads on SB, will keep on following you here 🙂 All the best…

  34. Technical thing that you might be aware of, but just in case: the archives list old posts by your former co-bloggers as being by you.

    And I’ll continue to follow here as well.

  35. bookmarked!

    (Of course you did the right thing. You’ve stood up for your beliefs.)

  36. Bookmarked!

    Only discovered your SB site a few months back but it’s one of the most unmissible blogs I’ve found.

    Good look with the independence and much respect!

  37. Any chance you can publish a link to wherever Good Maths, Bad Maths ends up?

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