In which Sci is Famous!

Blogging has truly made Sci famous this day! Her parents have been waiting for it for years. Every time Sci says “Hey Sci-Mom, I won an award”, or “Hey Sci-Mom, I got a link in the NY Times” or “Hey Sci-Mom, Sci is awesome!!!”, Sci-Mom will sigh and say, “yes, dear, but is it in PRINT?”
(Note: Sci-Mom, despite her insistence that things be in print to make you really famous, is totally awesome, and has copies of Open Lab, so she’s truly convinced that Sci is famous, she just likes to tease her)
But yes, Sci got an interview in Charlotte, North Carolina with DeLene of Wild Muse! In her daily life, DeLene is also a completely awesome freelance writer, who managed to convince the Charlotte Observer that pseuds were ok-type people inside. And so Sci is famous! Thanks, DeLene, it was a fun interview!
And so Sci wonders, what does it take to get into Wikipedia? Sci wants to be TOTES famous and in Wikipedia. Apparently some rules ask for a print source. BOOM, BABY! (Well, ok, also this. And this. Sci’s totally famous enough to be in Wikipedia, right? Right?!!?!?)
Ok, maybe not famous enough. People like Amelia Earhart and the Balloon Boy are in there…

3 Responses

  1. Very nice Sci!

  2. Congrats Sci! I am very proud of you, little muffin.

  3. Congrats again!
    Did you get a copy of the actual printed paper? If not, I can save you our copy if you want a keepsake!

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