An Open Letter: Pubmed

My Dearest Pubmed,
You and I have always had our ups and downs, like that time when you were down for 24 hours for NO REASON AT ALL, and the times when you return me hilarious responses to my admittedly rather silly searches (like the time I puts “peeps” into pubmed. Try it sometime).
But today I would like to offer up my thanks, dearest pubmed, for this truly awesome thing you’ve done with your open access posts. Observe:
pubmed open letter.png
What you will observe above is an exerpt from this previous Friday Weird Science’s post on bees and coke. Sorry, Sci had to make it tiny to fit. You can see the text on the left, and on the right…you can see the CITATIONS!!! Not all of them (only the ones that are open access, I think), but some of them are THERE!! WITH LINKS!!! Perfect for tabbed browsing, you can hop on over to check each citation as you come across it, read up, and snap it up. I LOVE IT. Used to be, you would click on a link in the text, and it would hop you down to the citation in the bibliography (this does happen, and it’s REALLY annoying), and sometimes, you just had to go through the dang numbers and look it up yourself.
But this, these little links. Pubmed, these are freakin’ GOLD and I LOVE YOU FOR IT. That’s my ever faithful little science butler.
clone high butler.png
(The adorable little butler from Clone High. If you haven’t seen it, you REALLY should.)
So thank you, Pubmed. Do carry on. The day you put ALL those links in the margin is the day when Sci is a very very happy little scientist.
❤ always,

3 Responses

  1. Where is this facility on PubMed? Can’t see a link on the main page.

  2. James, here is the link.
    Sci notes that the references and links are cited down the right margin. It is a great feature. Pubmed is becoming quite sophisticated.

  3. I get the analogy, but does PubMed call you Wesley? If not, then Mr. Butlertron wins the awesome-off hands down.

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