We can has Awardz!

So as Sci found out when she returned from the interminable meeting of doom and destruction, WE HAS AWARDS! Neurotopia is the winner of the best blog award in Neuroscience!
Sci is very pleased.
lolcat pleased.jpg
We would like to thank the Academy…and Research Blogging, and everyone else! w00t!
Also, Sci would like to say that she totally thrilled to be sharing this award season with so many awesome blogs, like Not Exactly Rocket Science (who made a well deserved clean sweep), Bora, Uncertain Principles, Highly Allocthonous, Respectful Insolence, and NCBI ROFL.
And it should not be forgotten that there are a TON of great blogs up there in the running. They may not have won, but they are ALL worth checking out!!!
Research Blogging Awards 2010 Winner!Research Blogging Awards 2010 Winner!