Happy New Year’s!

It’s New Year’s, and Sci is going to take it easy with some more good food, and a few New Year’s Resolutions.
(Sci might be quitting bananas, she doesn’t need the extra potassium THAT badly…)
So her question is: what are your New Year’s Resolutions? If you don’t make them, why not? Sci likes New Year’s resolutions. It’s good to set a goal for yourself, though the date you set them on doesn’t seem to matter very much. Sci’s goals:
1) To do whatever possible to get her Christmas wish to go through. (I welcome all letters of recommendation on my behalf)
2) To finally run the marathon she’s been intending to run since she was young. It’s not a matter of the distance or psychological preparation, it’s the sheer amount of TIME required to train, which…Sci is still trying to work on.
3) To get the Open Lab out on time. Or at least really, really close to on time.
4) To blog some WEIRD SCIENCE! And some normal COOL SCIENCE! And possibly, in the middle, some odd science.
Sci would love to hear your goals for the New Year! Anyone got anything really cool brewing in 2010?
Happy New Year’s Everyone! And here’s to another year of science blogging!
Sing with Sci now!!!
Should neuroscience be forgot
and never brought to mind?
Old posts on memory forgot
and old and new science
For old and new science, my dear,
for old and new SCI-ENCE!,
we’ll take some bloggy goodness yet,
for old and new SCI-ENCE!
And surely you’ll read something odd!
and something odd I’ll write!
And no more science be forgot,
not old nor new science!
For old science and new as well
the funny and the fine;
We’ll type our fingers all to hell,
with old and new science!
Give us a comment, trusty friend!
I’ll give you one of mine!
And Sci will earn her PhD,
with all new HOT science!
CHORUS (be rousing now!!!)

9 Responses

  1. Happy New Year!!!!

  2. My goals for 2010 are to read more books, enjoy my family and work on improving my science blog.
    Happy New Year everyone.

  3. Happy New Year!

  4. Resolutions: More blogging, more yoga, more writing of the novel that will one day be, plus I’m moving interstate this month to study Sci Comm. 2010 will be most excellent! Happy New Year – run that marathon!

  5. I hope some people here will enjoy a new blog that
    begins Saturday, January 2nd, 2010. It’s called
    “Scientific Words of the Week” and it’s at:
    The first post will be sometime around 4:00 pm,
    EST (aka UTC – 5).
    It will often involve words that relate to Microbiology, Cell Biology, Botany, Zoology, Nursing, Nutrition, etc., and of course, it’s FREE with no obligation of any kind.
    I hope you’ll check it out and that you’ll have a great year
    in 2010!

  6. My new years resolution:
    Stop procrastinating.
    Oddly, that was my last new years resolution as well.
    Paper Disciple,
    The Lavender Pretender.

  7. HNY!

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