Open Lab PSA

We Interrupt this craziness on Oxytocin for an important PSA:
Open Lab is COMING!!!
Sci all of a sudden looked up, realized it was November, and realized the deadline for post submission was December 1!!! That’s close, people, real close. Right now, we have well over 470 entries (which you can see on Bora’s blog here), many of them extremely good ones! And you can still submit! Submit the greatest posts of others, and have no shame in submitting yourself!
Submit to Open Lab!
(Zod compels you)

(Click on that one for the submission form)
A few caveats: NO VIDEOS. This is an anthology, and it is a book. Dead trees, peeps. As of yet, videos do not come in that format. If it relies on a photo or picture almost entirely, also out. Written word is best. Also, at this point in the stress, Sci highly recommends submitting things that are both excellent and make her laugh. Always aim to make Sci laugh!
Submit to Open Lab! Time is ticking!

One Response

  1. WTF is up with that pic? Is Superman giving General Zod a handjob? And is Zod about to come? And this pic is under the heading “Open Lab is COMING!!!”? 😀
    Hey, you were the one who said aim to make you laugh.

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