Blogs Worthy of Note: Edition 5

You all know I could never write about blogs I like without hitting this one:
(Hmmm…I think I want this shirt…)
That’s right, Drugmonkey.
These bloggers are often controversial, but always interesting. Physioprof and Drugmonkey (or Drugmonkey and Physioprof, or who knows, perhaps DrugPhysioMonkey or PhysiomonkeyDrug, they may be the same person!!!!) provide a lot of cool insight. Not only do you get to read some really interesting stuff on drugs of abuse and politics, you get to read a lot about how life works in academia, how to move up the ladder, how funding and publication works (both the good and bad aspects), and basically all the little things that a grad lemming needs to learn on her way to fame and fortune. I highly recommend their stuff, to least the ins and outs. Also, they’re funny. 🙂