SFN Neuroblogging: Who to Follow

So I know it may come as a surprise to all of you, but Sci is not the ONLY person covering this meeting. Though I know I could cover all 15 kabillion presentations and posters my ownself (Sci is VERY fast when on a lot of caffeine), I figure it’s best if there are other people there, too. 🙂
The offical list is here, and you should be dropping by the blogs of
Genes to brains to mind to me
Onesci Though I’m not sure what’s up with that link…
The shelled walnut, the name of which amuses Sci no end.
Mike Pascoe
and Neuroethics at the core
All good stuff, and all blogging different topics. Sci will be concentrating on a few of her favorite things, like studies on basic concepts, some drugs, some mood disorders, and other disorders like Parkinson’s. But she could easily make forays into other things if she finds your poster awesome! So send me your info (let’s say by…I don’t know…10pm on Friday?), and I’ll do my best.
And don’t let not being a “neuroblogger” officially stop you from spreading the SFN love! Drugmonkey has a growing list of others who might be blogging and tweeting the meeting. And DM has a habit of finding the coolest stuff (like that $100 electrophysiology setup last year). So check ’em all out. After all, you’ll have time, right? Not like you’re at the biggest conference of the neuroscience year…

5 Responses

  1. As you have already reiterated (because I read your blog every day), all the neurobloggers and other SFN socialites should definitely go out one of the nights. Thanks for posting the list too. I kept waiting for it to be released in this week’s NeuroNexus, and wasn’t getting any hits on SFN’s meeting planner (until a few hours ago, of course).

  2. (Brad from OneSci)
    Thanks for putting us up there, although, the link is actually:

  3. thanks for your sharing

  4. HI! & thanks for putting this list up! Looking forward to posting some highlights in the days to come (but now must finish my poster). Would be nice to meet up – if possible – amidst the chaos. Cheers!

  5. Hi Sci, could you add me to your list of official sfn neurobloggers? They *finally* got my link up on the website today!!!
    twitter: brainscientist2

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