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W00t! Sci got picked to be one of the OFFICIAL SFN Neurobloggers. Unfortunately, being all secretive as she is, she won’t be wearing a pretty ribbon or anything. But you should be able to find her by her large smile and her excellent coverage of science. That would totally stand out, right?
So anyway:

As we begin to post final URLs of the accepted bloggers, SfN Interactive will be displayed on page and General Attendees drop-down menu. Announcements will also be made on the main SfN home page, Facebook, and next week’s Neuroscience Nexus. Here are some reminders:
• From Oct 17 to 21, please write at least one blog entry per day about activities, events, and experiences related to Neuroscience 2009.
• Your identifying information will not be shared, only the URL you provide.
• Bloggers will be categorized by theme but will not be limited to blogging about just that theme.
• Your blog link will be posted on the Web site until Friday, November 13.
• SfN reserves the right to remove blog links from the Web site at any time. All blog links and blog content for Neuroscience 2009 reflect the views of the individual members and do not represent those of the Society for Neuroscience or any of its supporters.

So, during the duration of the meeting, Oct 17-21, Sci will be blogging at least once a day about something awesome she’s seen at the conference. She is not limited in theme or scope, so if you would like YOUR something to be the something that gets blogged about, drop me your poster number and I might come by! I cannot assure you that you will be picked, but you’d totally want me to see your awesome work no matter what.
So let’s make this neuroblogging awesome! Send me some awesome posters, and let’s get down to it! Sci’s totally excited.
happy and excited.jpeg

3 Responses

  1. Congratulations!! I applied without success, but my blog is super new so I’ve made my peace with it. Have a blast! I’ll be compulsively checking your tweets and running to wherever you point me.

  2. Ooh, can’t wait to hear all about it!

  3. Congratulations, I share your excitement and I’m looking forward to SFN meeting week.

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