Blogs Worthy of Note: Edition 4

About time we got some LADIES up in this blog!
Behold: Ambivalent Academic
Part of the reason I love Ambivalent Academic is because I’m pretty sure she’s Sci’s alter-ego. Every single time she posts something frustrated, yet hilariously witty about grad student life, I read it and say “DUDE! THAT’S ME!!!” Her writing gives a lovely insight into what it’s like to be a grad student in the sciences, and yet, even when she’s frustrated, she’s always so FUNNY about it. Once day, I wish to meet Ambivalent Academic. I think we need to drink. A lot. I highly recommend all you grad peeps check her out!

2 Responses

  1. sci: um… *lost what i was gonna type* @@’… heh^^’, a lot of the stuff you blog about really help me out with school. i’m a HS senior at an all honors school (only school to accept me in honors :D) and i’m taking AP bio… so just wanna say thanks… ^^… n if ya find any of my other comments, er… lets just say its a bit easier to express my opinions more directly through text than words. we may not like to hear opinions a lot, but they really make you think.
    well anyways, thanks again ^^ (ps – the stuff you wrote on ritalin really helped with a drug’s-reaction-on-cell project)
    and – Wait… ya say theres no other girls on the blog? ….hmmm… *smiles deviously* XD (^^”… note i am home sick from school and really bored… plus i like your blogs, they’re both funny n educational :3)

  2. (sorry for the dbl post)
    aww… had an itch to join ^^”… reminds me of the forum sites i like @@

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