Donors Choose!

Ok, Sci will admit she’s not doing Donor’s Choose this year. I really WANTED to, I really did. But there’s just crazy things going on. CRAZY THINGS. And I cannot do it. But I wanted to. And a lot of other people are doing it! You should visit them. You should donate things! A lot of people are promising prizes!!!
So what, you might ask, is Donor’s Choose? It’s a charity even that allows you to choose where your money goes, concentrating (in the Science case) on needy schools. It’s a great opportunity to help kids get materials to learn about science! And what some of these schools need, it’s just heartbreaking. Simple things, books, heck, construction paper, that they can’t afford otherwise. A small donation from you helps teachers have the materials to teach kids about science.
And for a sampling of those participating this year:
Uncertain Principles, where you can win free books for donating
Adventures in Ethics and Science, which promises fabulous prizes, including things like poetry and artwork
The geobloggers, including All my faults are stress related, Eruptions, and Highly Allocthonous, are teaming up for the challenge.
Dr. Pal, who is out to help kids in the impoverished schools in Michigan
Isis, who is even out to help donate frogs, which Sci thinks it an AWESOME choice (as I never got to dissect one of those when I was a kid, and I totally would).
Grrl Scientist will also be helping kids learn about physiology via dissection.
Drugmonkey will be offering prizes!
Razib’s in as well especially for the younger set.
And Sciencewomen are in! Concentrating specifically on science related books, and helped out by SciWo’s Storytime. And they will offer tshirts! I totally want one…
So click one, click all! Donate to some schools, and help science happen!!!

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  1. Thanks for the shout Sci. We will indeed by offering prizes, oh yes we will.

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