“Oh Tiktaalik, Transitional Form”

*sings, to the tune of “Oh god our help in ages past”
Oh Tiktaalik, transitional form
Our fav’rite pseudofish
Thy stubby legs and half formed lungs
Would make a tasty dish!
Great Tiktaalik, make us believe
ev’lution does take place
where once you flapped upon the shores
is a new amphibian race
Dear Tiktaalik, we learn in school
though millions of years hid
found is our great transitional form
“fish” walked as once you did!
Oh Tiktaallik, transitional form
through your long-fossil’d bones
ev’lution’s heard all round the world
Speech rising from the stones!

4 Responses

  1. *applause*

  2. *applause*

  3. Thy Form our debate puts to rest,
    Shut up, ye Dembskian men:
    All species rose from sea at first,
    So read those books again.
    The busy tribes of ignorance,
    With all their lies and snares,
    Are stymied by your evidence,
    And lost in following years.
    With gleeful grins the scientists stand
    Pleased with the gory sight;
    IDeas mowed by your lobe-finned hand
    Lie withering ere ’tis night.

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