Blogs Worthy of Note: Edition 2

Last week I mentioned a blogger (this guy) who has been a real inspiration to me. This week, I’m gonna keep it up. I cannot say whether it will be every week, but there are a LOT of bloggers out there who impress me, so who knows?
And this week, I’m featuring this one:
Brian laelaps.jpg
This is Brian, of the blog Laelaps. Sci’s always liked dinosaurs and old mammals and stuff, but I’ll admit I didn’t know a lot about them. Then I started reading Laelaps. I’m always so impressed by his dedicated to his subject, his careful research, and his tone. This is old stuff, it’s cool stuff, and it’s completely understandable. And he does it, five days a week plus numerous pictures, while working AND going to school. The dedication of Laelaps and other bloggers like him makes Sci pale in comparison. I am continually inspired by his energy and enthusiasm. Check him out if you’re interested in fossils, and even if you’re not.
Also, Laelaps and Mrs. Laelaps foster kittens:
*phew* done. Seriously, that cat is cute. And it goes to show how many bloggers devote themselves to the world around them, both scientifically and in other ways (like fostering kittens, or founding scholarships, or organizing charities!). Laelaps is just one of them, but he’s one of the best.

5 Responses

  1. Thanks, Sci! This was a very nice surprise. 🙂
    I still think that if anyone deserves an award for quality blogging in the face of crippling time constraints, it’s you, but I am glad you enjoy the blog. Now I just have to think up something really awesome to post about today so that I can keep my good reputation.
    And to date Tracey and I have fostered 48 cats and kittens. 36 of those have found homes, including Teddy (who was just so sweet we couldn’t give him up).

  2. Oh, and the cat in the photo was named “Cole.” He was one of our first fosters; we got him about this time two years ago. He was adopted almost right away.

  3. Oh, and the cat in the photo was named “Cole.” He was one of our first fosters; we got him about this time two years ago. He was adopted almost right away.

  4. Awww…COLE! But he’s not the cutest kitten ever ever… I have that at home right now!
    I could mail him to you if you want…

  5. Awwwwwww!!!!! That’s pretty cute. 🙂 But I have it on good authority that Scicat will NEVER tolerate a feline rival for her affections. We’re trying to bring around to the idea of a canine, but we still might be in for maulings.

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