Scientia Pro Publica is out!

It actually came out yesterday, but Sci was crazy busy doing awesome sciency things. I would say I looked a lot like this:
girl genius increase power.jpg
(From Girl Genius, which is completely awesome, and which I’ve probably mentioned before. My life is TOTALLY one of adventure, romance, and MAD SCIENCE! You like yourself some awesome steampunk, start reading. You will NOT be disappointed.)
But anyway, Scientia Pro Publica is up at Lab Rat. We’re in it, and there’s a cool thing on sperm wars from Mauka to Makai. And there’s a post on the possible psychiatric illness of Salvador Dali. What, you thought those dripping watches were NORMAL?
Check it out!

3 Responses

  1. Girl Genius! Yes! That comic is just fantastic 🙂
    Other comics no self-respecting geek/nerd should fail to read: xkcd, SMBC, Piled Higher and Deeper, and if you were ever into D&D, Order of the Stick. There are other great ones, of course, but I don’t feel like taking up too much comment space for that!

  2. Heck, even if steampunk leaves you cold (as it does me), start reading. Because Girl Genius is 100% composed of Awesome.
    And all the comics mentioned by Jason Dick are also terrific, especially Order of the Stick (99.9% Awesomeness Quotient).

  3. Another really good (IMO) Mad Science web-comic is Narbonic;
    Skin Horse is also pretty good, (both written by Shanon Garrity).

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