Send Grrl to Antarctica!!

I’m sure those of you around the blogosphere have heard about the contest for a blogger to go to Antarctica, right? And did you know that our lovely Grrl is in the running?!
But, you say, what of it.
Well, I say, she is in the TOP THREE!!
But, you say, how do we know she’s the best?
DUH, I say. First off, her writing is fantastic. Look at this. She is connected to the scientific world in a way few others are, maintaining her own blog carnival, and writing for SCIENCE!! She loves her ornithology, and what better profession to check out the many birds of the lower continent?
And then there’s this:
With photography skills like that, imagine what she’s do with the fantastic, humbling landscape of Antarctica?
But, you say…but…um…wow…
Yeah. Srsly.
And finally, look at this face:
Awwww….you can’t refuse that face. Go vote for it! You have to register, but it’s quick and easy and no one will bother you with email. Send our Grrl to Antarctica and see her fly!

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