Friday Weird Science Refrigerator Kids: Redux

Sci received a charming email from reader Monica the other day! Monica was able to get the paper Sci recently blogged on about kids trapped in fridges. But she couldn’t find a pdf copy of the paper for all the interesting pics. And now she has it! And for your enlightenment, here are the pictures of adorable 50’s children being trapped in an environment resembling a refrigerator:

(The playhouse. The people studying the child inside were behind the curtain looking through video monitors.)

(Kid just out of confinement. You can see that she wasn’t all that upset, though the nurse was on-hand in case.)


Here you can see kids inside the box, and the various methods of trying to get out. Top: kids pushing on the door, the little girl top right was able to push the door open. Bottom Left: knocking on the door and asking to be let out. Bottom right: child slapping at the door.


This boy went for the handle he could feel on the inside of the door and successfully let himself out.

You can read the full write up of the article, and WHY exactly, scientists were trapping kids in refrigerators, here.

A big thank you to Monica!!!

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