Bring on the Data Blitz!

At some of the smaller conferences that Sci has been to (which are, by the way, often the best ones) there is a new and improved thing called “the data blitz”. Usually, this is where everyone gets one slide to present their poster/talk and to get people interested in it. Usual time is 1 min. 1 minute. Get to the bottom line and get there fast.
Sci will admit that she is not the least verbose person she knows, and that, when this data blitz opportunity first presented itself, she was a little freaked out. But with some guidance and thought, it’s actually pretty easy, unless the content of your poster is really THAT complicated, in which case, why would you put all of it on a poster? And so Sci thinks she’s pulled off her most recent data blitzes rather well, though improvement is always necessary.
However, it seems that in many people, a data blitz instills more than the usual modicum of fear, resulting in an enormous number of things that just shouldn’t happen in a data blitz. And so, in the tradition of things you should never do in a powerpoint presentation, I present: the things you shouldn’t do during a data blitz:

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