And Now for Something Cmpletely Different

Encephalon is up at Neuronarrative. Sadly, Sci was too lazy/busy/crazy/dumb to submit one of our posts, but there’s plenty there to see! Especially a post from the Neurocritic on the clitoral homunculous!!! I really wish I had seen that one first…
Also, the carnival is Monty Python themed. I mean, how great is THAT?!?!
And Giant’s Shoulders is up at The Dispersal of Darwin, and I highly recommend it, despite their hideous three-column format (MY EYES, Michael, MY EYES!). We’re in it for our post on refrigerator kids.
And finally, there is this. As covered by the Awesome Dynamics of Cats. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will all LOVE the idea of PLoS’ online commenting system all the more.
And now Sci is back to her life of pain and toil. But she will be BACK. Oh yes, she will be BACK…
PS: Did anyone see the post from Notorious LTP on Zombies? That thing is great! On a related note, the book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is awesome.

Poem of the Day: #9

There was a grad student of yore
who had neither office nor door
at his desk in the lab, students gathered to gab
until he could stand it no more.
All this chatting he could not abide
for his writing he wished he could hide
so when no one would leave
he rolled up his sleeves
and soaked them in formaldehyde.