An Open Letter

To the Lab Person who Stole my favorite fine-tip Sharpie,
You horrible, cruel person! How could you!?! I mean, really. Everyone in science knows the power of a really good Sharpie. We have them in all shapes, sizes, and colors. I love them all.
Really, scientists live by the sharpie. When you need to mark those really teeny vials with your initials, the date, the drug, and the concentration, Sharpies are there for you. When you have to write on something you KNOW it going to get wet, nothing works better (well, unless you get it wet with Methanol, in which case you’re just screwed anyhow).
And SOMEONE, a sneaky, mean little someone, stole my favorite ultra fine point black sharpie! It was classic. It was sleek. It was LABELED. With a big note on it saying “[Sci’s] Sharpie of Wonder and Might”. And you STOLE IT. You went into my DESK and STOLE IT.
Well, I don’t know who you are yet, but I will, Sharpie-stealer, I WILL. And when I do, I will find you. I will hunt you down. And I will write ALL over you in Sharpie. And if you’re really unlucky and I’m really mad, I’ll use the nasty one from the hood. So there.
All my love,
Ooooh, and for those who don’t know the love: some Sharpie porn.
retractable sharpie.jpg
(Great for carrying in bags or lab coats! The top’s not going to fall off and get ink everywhere)
sharpie mini.jpg
(This one goes everywhere. Sci wore one clipped to her keys for a while. That thing came in handy.)
double tip sharpie.jpg
(Sci’s favorite. Double ended means you don’t have to carry two! Careful, though. Do NOT stick the large cap on the small cap. You’ll be sorry and your Sharpie will die.)
Hits the spot, doesn’t it!

7 Responses

  1. One of the things I miss the most about no longer doing any benchwork is that incredibly satisfying feeling of doing a couple dozen sub-cloning minipreps, carefully numbering the Eppendorf tubes with my extra fine point Sharpie, loading the check gel with a little of each one, and then placing them in a nice new cardboard freezer box after starting the gel.

  2. That is balls. I don’t know how I would have sleekly and clearly labeled all of those little plastic micro-pipette containers full of rat brains without my trusty fine point Sharpie. I’m very sorry for your loss. May that bastard thief rot with guilt.

  3. unless you get it wet with Methanol, in which case you’re just screwed anyhow
    This is what the stylus with the industrial diamond tip is for.
    Or, for the lucky femmes who avoid the wrath of the Xerox guardians, the engagement ring.

  4. This post inspired me to buy a pack of Sharpie Minis just now.

  5. This is -almost- as bad as stealing your good pair of forceps… >.

  6. This is -almost- as bad as stealing your good pair of forceps… >.

  7. I’m a big fan of the FisherBrand Lab Markers. It’s like an ugly sharpie that is methanol resistant – to the point where overspray on the T25s isn’t a problem. Alas, they don’t have many pretty colors to pick from but they’re great science markers.
    A big grr to lab supply theft though. Somehow the fact that I keep my bench reasonably clean and ordered means that people in need of supplies know they’ll be able to actually locate it on my bench. Next thing I know I can’t find my tiny spatula or am all out of 15 mL culture tubes when I have colonies ready on saturday.

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