Poem of the Day: #1

Sci wrote haikus for a while. She found them relaxing. And this gave her a small, evil little idea: daily poems. Poems of SCIENCE. And grad school. Perhaps mostly grad school because it’s more of a tragicomedy.
Why write poetry? After all, it will never be the kind that shows you the dark recesses of Sci’s soul. She got that out of her in high school. And she should inform you that the darkest recesses of her soul never get much darker than a nice wine red. So why?
Why not? And does anyone else notice that “poem” starts to look really badly misspelled when you look at it for too long?

Poem of the Day #1:
All hail breakfast blend!
harbinger of wakefulness
for you, I arise
coffee poster.bmp

7 Responses

  1. Nice poem. Great poster.
    And “weird” always looks weird as soon as you look at it.

  2. Daily poems?
    What are you, insane?
    (Why write poetry? Because the exercise in seeking out just the perfect word is one that helps in so many other aspects of life. Taking the time to think about the expression of a thought, instead of simply blurting, may save that much time and more that would have been wasted in misunderstanding. Of course, one need not write poetry to carefully choose words, but one cannot reasonably write poetry* without. More people should write poetry.
    *Except for dreadful free verse, which doesn’t count.)

  3. Be careful, Cuttlefish!! I never said they were GOOD poems.
    Is the poster not showing up for anyone else? Sci had to click on it…

  4. hey grad school office
    give me my exam card, you
    lazy bastards you
    hey format checker
    some of us work on weekends
    but i guess not you
    two days ’til defense
    i no can haz exam card
    will bust heads monday

  5. Yeah, I had to click through to the poster too.
    Nice poem πŸ™‚

  6. Yeah, I had to click through to the poster too.
    Nice poem πŸ™‚

  7. Hi. I just chanced by this post via my scienceblogs feed. Rather *interesting* posts you’ve got here! Cute poems too! (and yes, poem doesn’t sound correct too if you keep saying it in your head). Couldn’t resist linking one of my poems here… it seems to go with the grain of this site somewhat πŸ˜›

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