Has you any Russian Brides?

Ok, there’s a big furor going on around Scienceblogs over some truly disgusting ads in the side bars for thing like Thai women and Russian brides and chelation therapy. Sci would like to take this opportunity to state that Neurotopia in no way approves of these ads. However, I haven’t really seen them popping up around these digs. It could be that our keywords are just not the right ones to activate them. Has anyone seen them up around here? I usually see stuff for banks. We are assured the problem is being taken care of, so we shall hopefully be back up and running soon.
In the mean time, may I assure you that that credit ad on the top bar will NOT change your life, that mail order bride ads are disgusting, and that you should NOT, repeat, should NOT, get chelation therapy unless you have seriously overdosed on some heavy metals.

5 Responses

  1. FWIW, I just took a screenshot of this page, with an ad at the top for mail order brides.
    It was not the ad with the full, glossy pic, but rather a multiple ad (from “snap linkads”) which also offered to sell Ph. D. degrees, research papers, Enzyte, Medical Education, and Self Esteem, along with Mail Order Brides (not specifically Russian).

  2. At the moment, the ad (both on top and on the sidebar) is a flash animation of World of Warcraft and I never noticed any cheat-lation add here but I must say I never (consciously) noticed any ads on sciblogs except when they overlaped with the blog’s content.

  3. I’m getting an ad from the pocono mountain visitors bureau. I feel rather positively about this ad actually (I always like the ads in my gmail to- they fall under three categories- 90% totally irrelevant [as are virtually ads in other media]; 2% useful [usually on emails about siRNA] and 6% completely hilarious to juxtapose with the content of my email).

  4. OK, I have a colleague, a professor with a chair at a(n) MRU, who returned from a Fulbright in Russia with a bride who seems to be quite nice, and stunningly beautiful, though somewhat younger than he. So maybe the bride thing isn’t that bad. I’m reserving judgment for now…

  5. I’m seeing a whole bunch of apples with capital letters on them (AK OR), something about car insurance (I have no car).
    I was chatting quite a bit with a med student in Volgagrad, til she went back to Malaysia. I even showed her your blog!

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