A Couple of Things

Sci is exhausted and hasn’t had more than her first cup of coffee this morning. She will try to get back to neurotransmitter stuff this afternoon.
But there are some things you should check out!

1) Scientia Pro Publica is up, and there’s some good stuff in it, including coverage of sex week!
2) Drugmonkey has a good article up on the distinction between cannabis and nicotine withdrawal. The comments it has sparked are even more interesting.
3) Op-Ed in the NY Times on the failed Drug War. Some fodder for thought.

4) Thus Spake Zuska is doing some GREAT posts where she goes through The Gender Knot chapter by chapter. It’s a great introduction to why feminists think the way they do and why so many of our assumptions may in fact be holding up the patriarchy.

3 Responses

  1. Biology: All Sex All The Time!

  2. Hey, The Giant’s Shoulders is up, too! (And you’re in it!)

  3. I am!? Awesome! Thanks! Everyone go read that!

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