Your clicks should move it, move it

I don’t know why, but Sci has always really liked this song:

Sci dances just like that hippo. The resemblance is uncanny.
You should move it move it. You should move it move it to these links. And you should click on them! Because for every click you do, money goes this month to Doctors Without Borders. We want to spread the word and help victims of rape throughout the world. Every little click helps. You know you like to move it move it:

The Intersection
On Becoming A Domestic And Laboratory Goddess
The Questionable Authority
Adventures in Ethics and Science
Blog Of The Moderate Left
Seattle Grassroots Examiner
the rugbyologist

2 Responses

  1. Aww, come on Sci. You know you’re much cuter than the hippo. And more graceful while dancing.
    All hail… the New York Giants!!!

  2. Ha – I totally dance like the lemur that kicks it all off. Have rhythm but no original moves. Don’t care though. It’s fun!!

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