Links for Tuesday that Need your Clicks!

First off, Silence is the Enemy is growing by leaps and bounds.
But we still needs your clicks! We needs them, precious. After all, if we don’t have clicks, no money goes to Doctors Without Borders! Clickity, precious, clickity. With every click, we raise both money and awareness.

In the realm of other things that you should click on, there’s good posts out there on publishing and authorship, for those of you in the pipeline. Good advice.
Other interesting things around the blogsphere:
JLK’s got a good post up on the “tipping point” of smoking. I think I need to read this book.
DuWayne has a good post up on the spiritualization of sexuality.
Some good stuff up on whether or not people who don’t vaccinate their kids are free-loaders, from…Dr. Free-Ride.
And a good piece from Laelaps on ID.
There is also an interesting post from Chad on pseudonymity. I guess I consider myself pseudonymous, and I hope that none of you really care enough to try and figure out who’s behind the keys. I’m a relatively inoffensive little blogger, and I hope that that usually saves me from people outing me out of nasty.

The reality is that there is a large, very fat Siamese behind these keys. Siameses are not all ill-tempered, thank you.
And Encephalon is up at Cognitive Daily! We’re in it, and they’ve done an awesome job with the new iCephalon edition. Everything is better when there’s an “i” in front of it. Am iRight?
And of course, your daily dose of sex: Creative and crazy advertisements to promote safe sex!