More Friday Weird Science! On Saturday. Whatever

Happy Saturday!
I’m always looking for some good videos to make my day. This one is no exception. I wish I could imbed, but apparently I can’t. So you need to go HERE. Yes, HERE. To see THIS. The five most remarkable animal penises. The guest is a guy who is actually a PENISOLOGIST. Clearly, Sci went into the wrong profession…

Sci’s word of the day is now Penisology. Say it with me: “penisology”. Heheheheheeee.

3 Responses

  1. I’ll never look at garter snakes the same way again.

  2. Thanks for that post, that was really freaking interesting! The spider one was my fav – “Here honey, I brought you a present” “Aargh, it’s really hard to open, what did you wrap this with?” “Keep trying…” lol. I’ve posted it to my blog too, everyone should know about penisologists 🙂

  3. I’m beginning to think you have a serious problem with penises, Sci.

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