Friday Weird Science: It’s all Fun and Games Until Someone Breaks a Tunica

Yeah, yeah. Friday Weird Science is late. I know. Give Sci a break. She needed some sleep, and she is now full of delicious whole milk latte.
I have to begin this post with a direct quote from the paper, because no one can put it better:
“The human penis has always been the subject of much interest, especially, when afflicted with a medical condition”
Ain’t it so. Edit (I mentioned the wrong comma last time) Well, ok, I can ALMOST get behind this quote, except that I HATE that comma right after ‘especially’. It bugs me. A lot. But that’s the way it is.
But penises are interesting. If they weren’t, I wouldn’t write about them half so much. And when they get “broken”, they are even MORE interesting. And hard to fix. Sawh, et al. “Fractured Penis: A Review” International Journal of Impotence Research (oh yes, there is one), 2008.
WARNING: The pictures behind the cut are not for the faint of heart. They are also probably NSFW, though they are so “surgical” in nature, I doubt the guy looking over your shoulder would really know what he was looking at. Except that it was cut open. You’ve been warned.

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