Silence is the Enemy, but there are Forces of Good

Unfortunately, Sci missed a little of the furor of “Silence in the Enemy”. Something is not happy with her Google Reader.

But the response has been AMAZING. Please check them all out if you get the chance, especially as many of the people who posted will be donating to Doctors Without Borders this month. And hey, if you have a few extra clams (like anyone does in this recession), donate!!! They can use all the help they can get.

Here are just a few spectacular people who are raising a ruckus:

Isis, who points out the great response from the New York Times.

Sheril at the Intersection, our fearless leade, who is highlighting the issues of both men and women who have been raped.

The awesome Tara, who has promised to keep the posts on this issue continuing throughout the month.

Greg Laden’s Blog, which is covering the questions of how rape occurs and why.

Bioephemera, who has a ton of great links and things to do to help.

Zuska and Sciencewomen, who are always willing to engage on women’s issues around the globe, and bring their wonderful writing talents to the issue.

Bora, who is highlighting some work by Eve Ensler, the writer of the Vagina Monologues, on the subject.

Janet at Adventures in Ethics and Science, who covers the morals of the situation.

And even more, Including The Questionable Authority, Drugmonkey (and Physioprof), Dr. Pal, DuWayne, and others. Check them all out. Every little bit of awareness helps.

And, being as Neurotopia is donating all the proceeds this month to Doctors Without Borders, Sci will be doing her best to make sure you keep clicking! I’ll be trying to churn out teh sckienz, but perhaps some other stuff as well, just to keep you entertained. Keep clicking and let’s raise some money!

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