Win Sci a Quark!

Isn’t “quark” a great word!?!
I think it may have more appeal than “spork” and that’s saying something.
Hehe. Quark.

Anyway, it turns out that 3 Quarks Daily is handing out QUARKS! They are handing out awards for science, arts and literature, philosophy, and political blogging on the two solstices and two equinoxes. As the summer solstice approacheth, they are taking nominations for the best science post. Laelaps has already been nominated for his post on Ida, and a bunch of other Sciblings have also been nominated (such as Tet Zoo, Science After Sunclipse, and Neurophilosophy). And there are also lots of nominations from other great science blogs like the Loom, the Intersection, and the Neurocritic.

But Sci isn’t nominated yet. 😦 *sniff*. It’s ok. I’m fine. Don’t worry about ME! All you have to do is leave a comment in the comment field with a link to the post. The post must have been written between May 24 2008, and May 24, 2009.
And of course, nominate people OTHER than Sci. There’s a lot of hot science blogging going out in the internets. We have until June 1. Get nominating!

Encephalon Issue…whatever

Is up! And we’re in it. Two posts on Opponent-Process theory! I highly recommend this edition, there’s an entire section on addiction, including an article on the addictive potential of marijuana, and another on the myth of dopamine and pleasure (ain’t pleasure, it’s…salience…sort of…of value-related stimuli).

Also, check out Juniorprof today, great post up on chronic pain, from someone who knows pain.
And finally, I’m sure you’ve all heard about Ida to death, I know I have. But Laelaps has a GREAT Op-Ed on it that’s just come out in the Times!!! And he’s been misquoted by the Discovery Institute! That’s a sign you’ve made the big-time. 🙂

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