The Tussin, The Tussin

Notorious was having a little conversation with some friends, and someone asked a strange question: why would one want to abuse over-the-counter (OTC) medications such as Robitussin? OTC cold medication abuse is pretty common and the subject of considerable comment in pop culture — not the least of which are a great song by MC Chris (“The Tussin”) and one of the funniest clips in the show South Park ever (below the fold). The question wasn’t so much about why those crazy kids do what they do, but rather what is the pharmacological mechanisms behind its effects?

So I wanted to write a little post to clarify the abuse potential of OTC cold medications and also talk about the possible medical complications associated with them.

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Hi all! I wanted to take a moment say hello, and say how honored I am to join Sci and Evil here at Neurotopia. Some of you may know me as Jake Young formerly of the Pure Pedantry blog. Some of you, I may be writing to for the first time.
In either case, I am looking forward to talking about some fun neuroscience with all of you. Posting will be kind of sporadic because work is rough, but hopefully we will have a chance to really delve into neuroscience and medicine.

A note about the pseudonym: yes, I know that you know who I am. Yes, I am comfortable with that being an open secret. I decided to take a pseudonym cuz all these cool kids are over here were doing it, and by Jove a man’s got to fit in somehow.
For those of you who don’t know, LTP stands for long-term potentiation. It is an important molecular process of memory formation that I will hopefully have a lot to say about in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I will put up my first post in a second.

I told you something was coming!

Du-nuh. Du-nuh. Du-nuhDu-nuhDu-nuhDu-nuhDunuhDunuhDunuhDunuhDunuhDunuhDnuhDunuh….
Ok ok.
Not that.
I would like you all to welcome, in the house tonight…NotoriousLTP!
(The one in the middle, in the hizzy)
NotoriousLTP comes to you live from his former digs at Pure Pedantry. Notorious to the LTP is a MD/PhD student in New York He decided he was tired of all that solo blogging shiz, and is joining us here, where he’s going to help us blog about all that is cool in physiology, pharmacology and neuroscience. It’s gonna be real.

But let’s get something clear right here, right now. His rapping SUX. His badass thuggery is entirely of a scientific nature, so you can look forward to some serious bloggin’, some serious opinions, and other such serious stuff. Seriously.