Something…Is Coming

It might be wicked.
Keep your eyes peeled.

9 Responses

  1. I am dying of curiosity! if I were a cat, I’d already be dead.

  2. Are you just trying to drive up your clicks, as all of your readers keep coming back to see if you’ve let the cat of out the bag yet.

  3. Are you sure the cat is in the bag? Or in a box? And if it dead or alive? And if dead, if curiosity killed it?

  4. Actually, no one will know whether or not the cat is dead or alive until the box or bag is opened. Also, you cannot know where the cat is and whether it is plotting your death at the same time…

  5. I’m not Scicurious, but I am curious.

  6. but do we know how evil the cat really is? and if so, can we also know its proximity to us at any given time?


  8. I would not eat it in a box, I would not eat it with a fox…
    But anyway, I was wondering, can a dead cat be a LOLcat?

  9. @Coturnix:
    Only on 4chan.

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